Career Video Library

Gain insights from industry experts, hear first-hand accounts about the experiences of fellow alumni, and get practical advice about the latest job search strategies and tactics. (for Stanford GSB alumni only)

Career Change

No matter what kind of career change you’re seeking, some basic principles apply: understand what energizes you, explore alternatives, hone your value proposition, and market yourself.

Career Management & Success

What does career success mean to you? No matter how you define it now — and in the future — you’ll need to invest time and energy to make it happen.

Compensation & Negotiation

After the stress of interviewing for a new job is over, the next hurdle is negotiating a compensation package.


Gone are the days when you could just “wing it” in a job interview and expect a call back. Interview preparation is the key to impress a potential employer, as well as learning if an organization is the right one for you.


Learn how to undertake a networking-based job search that will help you uncover the kinds of opportunities that don’t show up on job boards.

Personal Positioning

Make sure that you’re making the right first impression on potential employers in all of your public-facing materials, from your social media profiles to your resume.