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Amy Howell Saxton

MA ’04, MBA ’04

Amy Saxton’s career began at the Monitor Company where she worked with nonprofit organizations in the education and youth services sector. She moved on to become a Summer Associate at The Broad Foundation, assessing potential investments in school district central offices and other areas of K-12 public school reform. Following The Broad Foundation, Amy spent seven years as a Consulting Manager at The Bridgespan Group, where she led growth planning for youth-serving nonprofit organizations, foundations and school districts. She also directed firm-wide efforts to increase the diversity of the staff and inclusivity of the culture.

Amy is currently CEO of Summer Search, a national organization that inspires low-income high school students to become responsible and altruistic leaders by providing year-round mentoring, life-changing summer experiences, college advising, and a lasting support network. Current statistics indicate that 50% of low-income minority students are not graduating high school on time, and only 10% will graduate from a four-year college by age 26. At the CSI/PMP 40th Anniversary Celebration in October 2011, Amy addressed this trend and reflected on how tenacity and emotional intelligence play into life success.

Last Updated 8 Jul 2015