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Steven Alan Zuckerman

Steven AlanZuckerman
MBA ’87
Founder and Managing Director, Self-Help Federal Credit Union, California Office

Steve Zuckerman spent much of his career in the private/financial sector, including 15 years with McCown De Leeuw & Co., a middle market leveraged buyout firm. His experience prior to that includes consulting with Bain & Company and investment banking with Morgan Stanley. Steve is also the founder and managing director of Self-Help’s California Office. After working for Self-Help shortly after its founding (1984-85) and serving on its board for most of the next 20 years, Steve rejoined Self-Help in 2006.

At the CSI/PMP 40th Anniversary Celebration in October 2011, Steve discussed how the lessons and skills he has acquired throughout his career were perfect preparation for his current work building Self-Help Federal Credit Union into a state-wide financial institution designed to responsibly serve low-income families and communities in California.

Last Updated 18 Aug 2015