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All Sloan and MSx Classes

What an amazing weekend! Thanks to everyone who attended the Alumni Weekend, October 13 - 16, 2016.

Fall 2016 Alumni Weekend and Fall Reunions Photos

GSB Welcome and Fireside Chat with Dean Jonathan Levin

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John W. Gardner Volunteer Leadership Award and Robert K. Jaedicke Silver Apple Award

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Alumni Weekend and Fall Reunion Lunches Photos

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“Where Great Companies – and Leaders – Come From” with Professor William Barnett

Suggested reading:

“The 2016 Presidential Elections” with Professor David Brady

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“Leadership & Life: Writing the Chapters of Your Life for the Highest Impact” with Joel Peterson

View Photos; Suggested reading: How to Run Your Business Like an 11-Year Old

“Innovation as a Process” with Professor Stefanos Zenios

Suggested resources;
Suggested reading: Pretotyping Manifesto

“Neuroscience and the Connection to Exemplary Leadership” with Professor Baba Shiv

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“The Creator’s Code” with Amy Wilkinson

View Photos; Suggested viewing; Suggested reading: The Creator’s Code