Global Experiences


Prof. Renee Bowen in Indianew Zealand trip to Merino Wool
students at Shanghai Stock Exchanget
Husk Power Systems Dean Garth Saloner on faculty trip
GSB student with solar panel

As part of our global offerings, the CGBE offers a portfolio of Global Experiences. The programs are first-hand opportunities to explore and engage with global issues in order to gain a rich perspective of the complexities involved in global management. Each program provides:

  • Foundation (introspection on past experiences, learning new concepts, and destination-specific education)
  • Experience (focus on global challenges, cultural immersion, and diverse perspectives)
  • Application (opportunities to reflect and synthesize learning, share with the GSB community, and apply learning to life and career plans)

The Global Experience Requirement (GER) requires each MBA student to complete at least one Global Experience. They may also participate in additional Global Experiences.

  • Global Management Immersion Experience (GMIX)
    MBA students are encouraged to gain hands-on knowledge of international management by working in a corporate, government, or nonprofit setting for a minimum of four weeks in a region new to them outside the United States.
  • Stanford Tsinghua Exchange Program (STEP)
    The Stanford Tsinghua Exchange Program provides an opportunity for cross-cultural learning in business and management in the U.S. and China. GSB students are paired with students from the Tsinghua University’s School of Economics and Management to provide a basis for a greater understanding of doing business in China as well as the context of China in the global economy.
  • Global Study Trips
    The GSB has supported student-initiated and student-led Global Study Trips worldwide. In its 20 year history, the Global Study Trips program has delivered over 138 trips to over 55 different countries. Approximately 30 students and a faculty advisor explore business and society in a specific country or region through business meetings and cultural activities.
  • Social Innovation Study Trips
    The Center for Social Innovation's Social Innovation Study Trips provide an opportunity to learn about innovative models of social change. Each trip focuses on a specific issue, setting the context for discussion about the strengths and weaknesses of different organizational models and approaches.
  • Self-Directed Options
    MBA students may opt to petition their international summer internships or course-related travel for GER fulfillment. Students interested in international career opportunities can find support from both the Center for Global Business and the Economy and the Career Management Center.