Global Management Immersion Experience (GMIX)


The Global Management Immersion Experience (GMIX) encourages MBA students to gain hands-on knowledge of international management by working in a corporate, government, or nonprofit setting for a minimum of four weeks in a region new to them outside the United States. Sponsoring organizations gain access to talented MBA students to work on well-defined projects over the summer while also raising their company profile within the GSB. From the program's beginnings in China in 1997, GMIX has expanded to include opportunities in over 50 countries.

Program Elements/Components

  • The CGBE sources numerous GMIXs while students may also source their own experiences, resulting in a highly individualized and targeted experience.
  • Students participate in a GMIX between their first and second year of the MBA program. It is usually done after a full-time, 8-10 week summer internship.
  • GMIX projects cover a wide array of industries such as consumer products, international development, energy, finance, healthcare, media and entertainment, technology, and telecommunications.

Learning Opportunities for Students

  • explore new industries and roles as part of the career planning process
  • live in new locations and directly experience the work environment and culture
  • complete a research paper for academic credit on a topic related to their GMIX projects (optional)

Sponsorship Benefits and Information

  • Sponsor organizations leverage MBA students’ skills and knowledge to achieve completion of significant projects in a relatively short timeframe.
  • GMIX students bring new perspectives to organizations since their projects must be outside the United States and in a country where they have not lived for more than one year as an adult.
  • Participating organizations provide valuable real-life global experience to students that is a critical part of the GSB’s curriculum
  • Recommended GMIX Program dates for the summer of 2014: August 25 - September 19 (most students will be available for their GMIX during this window, although it can vary from student to student).

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