Global Student Clubs

Regional clubs promote diversity, generate awareness of a particular region, and provide resources for students interested in working in that region. Throughout the academic year, regional clubs sponsor guest speakers and discussion forums, activities with alumni, foreign language tables, and social events.

Africa Business Club

The Africa Business Club seeks to raise awareness of African business and cultures; promote discussion of economic, political, and social issues in Africa; encourage the School to increase new student outreach efforts in the region; provide a platform for students interested in careers in Africa to meet with employers; and encourage development of case studies.

Asian Society

Through events that promote awareness, diversity, networking, and mentorship, the Asian Society seeks to build strong relationships among students, alumni, faculty, and professionals who share a common Asian background and/or interest.

Canadian Club

The Canadian Club is "the premier social club," rich in tradition.

Europe Club

The Europe Club seeks to link the European business community with GSB students. It also represents an important social platform for the diverse European student body and others interested in European culture.

Greater China Business Club

The Greater China Business Club is a platform, interface, and exchange for people who are interested in business in the Greater China region: Mainland China, Taiwan, Hong Kong. The club strives to improve its members' ability to succeed in Greater China-related business, and works to increase their understanding of business and opportunity in this region.

International Development Club (ID)

The International Development ( "ID") Club aims to create visibility and mobilize interest in various sub-sectors of international development (including microfinance, health care, women's and children's issues, poverty, infrastructure, privatization, etc.); provide general and career-focused information on international development; and establish a forum for the GSB community to interact internally and with the external community.

Latin American Association

The Latin American Club plans speaker events, career development activities, and academic and social events to bridge gaps and increase awareness of Latin issues in the GSB community.

Middle East and North Africa Club

The Middle East and North Africa Club (MENA) is focused on promoting the business and cultural aspects of the region. MENA seeks to raise awareness through speakers and recruiting and alumni events.

South Asian Students Association (SASA)

SASA is for students interested in the rich cultural and religious heritage of the seven countries. The club also facilitates an exchange of ideas between Silicon Valley professionals and GSB students.