Research by Category

Research by Category

Our research examines governance and executive leadership issues by taking an in-depth and interdisciplinary look at the inner workings of c-suite executives, corporate boards, regulators, institutional investors, consultants and others involved in the leadership and governance process.  

Ongoing activities to study these issues include:

  • in-depth quantitative and qualitative research
  • academic round table discussions where leading researchers and academics gather to discuss leadership and governance issues that may provide a springboard for new research 
  •  Strengthen executive leadership and corporate governance as independent areas of teaching and scholarship in business schools worldwide
  •  development of corporate governance and leadership databases for researchers

Program Strategy

  • Formulate a reasoned and neutral assessment of corporate governance and leadership, based on academic research and proven experience
  • Connect with an audience of influencers and practitioners who can apply our knowledge to classrooms and organizations around the world
  • Be receptive to and collaborate with academics and practitioners from the public and private sectors