Recruiting and Academic Calendar

2014-2015 Calendar

Fall Quarter 2014 *

March 1-November 2 Academic Adjustment Period (AAP) -
No MBA1 Recruiting Activity
August 22 MBA2 Resume Database Available
September 1 Labor Day Holiday
September 22 GSB Classes Begin
September 29 MBA2 & MSx Employer Events Begin
October 1 Full-Time Company Networking Night (CNN)
October 20 Fall OCR Begins (MBA2/MSx)
October 31 Fall OCR Ends (MBA2/MSx)
November 1 MBA1 Employer Events & Marketing Begin
November 3 MBA1 Resume Database Available
November 5 Pending - GSB Required Class (no MBA1 recruiting activity)
November 12 MBA1 Company Networking Night
November 24-28 Thanksgiving Holiday
December 2 24 hours before an exam (no recruiting activity)
December 3 Final Exam - MBA1 Executive Challenge (no recruiting activity)
December 5 MBA2 Offer Deadline for Pre-GSB or Summer Internships
December 8 MSx Resume Database Available
December 8-12 Final Exams (no recruiting activity)
December 15-January 2 Winter Break

*Dates are subject to change. Please contact your Recruiting Relationship Manager with any questions.

Winter Quarter 2015

January 5 Winter classes begin
January 9 Full-Time OCR Offer Consideration Deadline
January 13-30 Winter OCR (MBA1)
January 19 Martin Luther King, Jr. Holiday
January 21 GSB Classes in Session
February 3 24 hours before an exam (no recruiting activity)
February 4-7 Midterms (no recruiting activity)
February 16 Presidents' Day Holiday
February 18 GSB Classes in Session
February 20 MBA1 Offer Consideration Deadline
March 16-20 Final Exams (no recruiting activity)
March 23-31 Spring Break

Spring Quarter 2015

April 2 Spring Classes begin
April 14 "Fewer than 300" (FT3) - Invite-only networking event
early May Recruiting Calendar for 2015-2016 released
April 28, May 5, 12 24 hours before an exam (no recruiting activity)
April 29, May 6, 13 Midterms (no recruiting activity)
May 25 Memorial Day Holiday
May 27 GSB Classes in Session
June 4 24 hours before an exam (no recruiting activity)
June 5-10 Exams (no recruiting activity)
June 13 GSB Graduation
June 14 University Commencement

2014 Calendar

The table below shows the remainder of the current recruiting and academic calendar.

Spring Quarter 2014

April 30, May 7, 14 Exams (no recruiting activity)
May 1,8,15,22 Exams (no recruiting activity)
May 20- June 3 Early Registration for On-Campus Recruiting
May 26 Memorial Day Holiday
May 28 GSB Classes in Session
June 3 Last Day of Class
June 5 24 hours before an exam (no MBA1 or MBA2 recruiting activity)
June 6-11 Exams (no recruiting activity)
June 14 GSB Graduation
June 15 University Commencement