Supporting Students and the School

Corporate Investors Program

The financial and intellectual commitment of our corporate investors empowers the School prepare leaders for today's global business environment. Corporate investors make it possible for our students to develop leadership skills on campus and firsthand in companies; and for our faculty members to connect with companies to exchange knowledge that informs business research. Corporate investors gain a strategic competitive advantage by investing in the distinctive education offered at Stanford which produces a pipeline of top talent.


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The Advantages

Customized Corporate Fellowships

We encourage you to contact us to find out more about the opportunities and advantages of becoming a corporate investor.

The Opportunity

Senior Investor $25,000+

Becoming a Senior Investor in the corporate investors program at the Stanford Graduate School of Business allows companies to engage with the School to support key student-facing programs and increase their campus visibility among our students by establishing MBA fellowships. The total opportunity is:

Support Student Fellowships—$15,000
Support the Dean's Top Priorities—$10,000

Support Student Fellowships

Companies can further their brand presence and engage in direct interactions with students by establishing custom corporate fellowships. Fellowships may be named in honor of the company, support a minimum of two, targeted students, and may establish a preference for students with an interest in and/ or experience in a particular industry. Benefits include access to student resumes and recognition at the annual Arbuckle Award Dinner (which joins fellowship sponsors with student recipients) held in winter quarter.

It is important to note that fifty percent of the School's MBA students receive fellowship support. Fellowships are critical to the School's ability to attract and enroll the best students, regardless of their financial circumstances, and play a major role in offsetting the costs of attending the School. Fellowships are assigned in the fall by the GSB Financial Aid office.

Support the Dean's Top Priorities—New Curriculum, Collaborations, and Campus

The cornerstones of the School's new approach to management education are the development of a new curriculum, multidisciplinary collaborations, and the construction of a new campus. Corporate investors can play a critical role in these directions by supporting a general fund for Dean's top priorities, which is a primary source for ongoing excellence and is the life-blood for experimentation and innovation.

Supporting the Dean's top priorities allows us to act quickly in the ever-changing world of management education and research. Whether through developing new multidisciplinary and cross-school programs, designing a more flexible campus to support a wider variety of teaching and learning methods, or through creating a educational experience with an emphasis on global learning and leadership development, we will increase our program's effectiveness. By investing in the School's top priorities your organization will be recognized as an important friend and proponent of our mission to change lives, change organizations, and change the world.