Host: Margaret Neale, Adams Distinguished Professor of Management, Stanford Graduate School of Business (GSB)

Many of us think of negotiation as something we do only when we want to buy or sell something but negotiation happens every day, in a wide variety of interactions—to resolve differences, influence others to take particular actions, allocate scarce resources, and more. So what factors influence the decision to initiate a negotiation? What are the characteristics of a “good deal”—and what strategies can be used to achieve it?

Join Stanford Graduate School of Business Professor Margaret Neale as she explores some of the common beliefs about negotiation that have been called into question by empirical research. Critically examining these negotiation stories and myths, she will leverage findings from her and her colleagues’ research to suggest alternative ways to get what you want from any kind of negotiation.

This 60-minute complimentary webinar will cover:

• Reorienting how you think about negotiation: Why getting to yes is not the answer
• Knowing when to stay and when to go
• When honesty is not the best policy
• Angry, happy, or poker-faced? The role of emotional expression in negotiation