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Marketing seminars are held on Wednesdays from 12:10 pm to 1:25 pm, unless otherwise indicated. Events for the 2015-16 academic year will be added here as they are scheduled.

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Fall 2015SpeakerTitleTime/PlaceMeet the Speaker
September 23

Thomas Otter 
Goethe-Universitaet Frankfurt  

Bayesian Customer Profiling: Applications to Age and Political Partisanship Estimation (Abstract 12:10 - 1:25 PM
September 30

Brett Hollenbeck 

The Spread of Horizontal Chains: Efficiency or Information? 12:10 - 1:25 PM
October 7

Stephan Seiler
Stanford Graduate School of Business 

Social Media as an Advertising Tool: Evidence from a Natural Experiment joint with Song Yao, and Wenbo Wang 12:10 - 1:25 PM
October 14 Peggy Liu
Duke University  
A Multiple Goal Perspective on Eating Behavior: Decreasing Conflict Between Healthy Eating and an Enjoyable Eating Experience 12:10 - 1:25 PM
October 21 Berkeley Dietvorst
University of Pennsylvania 

Overcoming Algorythm Aversion: People Will Use Algorithms If They Can (Even Slightly) Modify Them

Algorithm Aversion: People Erroneously Avoid Algorithms After Seeing Them Err

12:10 - 1:25 PM
October 28 Indranil Goswami
University of Chicago 
The Nature and Extent of Post-Reward Crowding-out: The Effort-Balancing Account 12:10 - 1:25 PM
November 4 Alix Barasch
University of Pennsylvania  
The Other Side of Sharing: How Photo-taking Goals Impact Evaluations of Experiences 12:10 - 1:25 PM
November 11 Alex Genevsky
Stanford University  
Affective Predictors of Market-Level Consumer Behavior  
12:10 - 1:25 PM
November 18 Xiao Liu
12:10 - 1:25 PM
December 2 Garrett Johnson
Simon Business School University of Rochester  
Ghost Ads: Improving the Economics of Measuring Ad Effectiveness 12:10 - 1:25 PM
Winter 2016SpeakerTitleTime/PlaceMeet the Speaker

Spring 2016SpeakerTitleTime/PlaceMeet the Speaker
May 18 Alex Bleier
Boston College, Carroll School of Management