Faculty & Research

Stanford GSB faculty members serve the dual mission of rigorous disciplinary research and professional teaching.

They are Nobel laureates, John Bates Clark medal winners, members of the National Academy of Sciences, and members of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences.

Latest Publications

Lisa De Simone
Journal of Accounting and Economics, Forthcoming.

Publication commas

Christopher S. Armstrong, Jennifer L. Blouina, Alan D. Jagolinzer, David F. Larcker
Journal of Accounting and Economics. August

Publication commas

2015, Vol. 60, Issue 1, Pages 1 – 17
Saumitra Jha
Quarterly Journal of Economics, forthcoming. August

Publication commas

2015, Vol. 103, Issue 3
Jonathan B. Berk, Peter M. DeMarzo, Jarrad Harford
Myron S. Scholes, Mark A. Wolfson, Merle Erickson, Michelle Hanlon, Edward Maydew, Terry Shevlin