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Case Studies

This listing contains abstracts and ordering information for case studies written and published by faculty at Stanford GSB.

Robert Burgelman, Sheila Melvin

Bonnier News was Sweden’s leading media group and a paragon in the nation’s cultural, economic, and political circles.  It was one of six divisions of Bonnier AB, a company founded by Gerhard Bonnier in 1804...

Peter Reiss, Ryan Kissick

“Carlypso: Overcoming Bumps in the Road in the Used Car Industry” explores various challenges associated with scaling a start-up.  In 2013, Christopher Coleman and Nicholas Hinrichsen cofounded Carlypso, a company that simplified the process of...

Heidi Krauel Patel, Charles Ewald, Jaclyn Foroughi

In July 2013, Kesha Cash transitioned out of her stable role as co-founder of and fund manager for Jalia Ventures (“Jalia”), an initiative investing in early-stage mission driven “businesses operated by entrepreneurs of color,” to...

Maureen McNichols, Jaclyn Foroughi

In January 2015, Jennifer Carolan, who had served as the managing director of the NewSchools Venture Fund Seed Fund (“Seed Fund”), spun off from the nonprofit venture philanthropy firm to create a for-profit social impact...

Maureen McNichols, Jaclyn Foroughi

In the summer of 2015, after reporting another year of strong growth in programming and fundraising at, a nonprofit dedicated to providing treatment to children born with clubfoot in developing countries, co-founder and executive...

Stefan Reichelstein, Donna Bebb

In 2015, Generation Investment Management celebrated the successful 10-year track record of its flagship Global Equity Fund, which outperformed its benchmark index by over 500 basis points per year.  A mainstream investment firm whose founders...

Amir Goldberg, Debra Schifrin

In June 2009, the online gaming company Zynga launched the free social game Farmville on Facebook, which set a new record by reaching one million Daily Active Users four days after launch, skyrocketing to 30...

S. Christian Wheeler, Andrew Malcolm

At the end of 2011, Microsoft was closing its acquisition of Skype for $8.5 billion.  Skype had more than 500 million registered users, revenue exceeded $600 million, and the company accounted for 40 percent of...

Hau L Lee, Laurent De Clara

In June 2015, Peter Phillips, Chief Operating Officer of Frontier Services Group (FSG), was preparing an update for the board on how operations would support the company’s new strategy. Given the ongoing decline in...

Paul Brest, Debra Schifrin

In 2016, Santa Clara County was launching a six-year project aimed at reducing the enormous costs of treating its most acute mental health care patients − $45 million a year − while improving their treatment...

Laura Arrillaga-Andreessen, Sarah Murray

In 1994, Arthur “Buzz” Schmidt, GuideStar’s founder, launched an organization with a staff of five. The organization, then known as Philanthropic Research, was formed with the simple goal of making basic information on nonprofits easily...

Kenneth Scheve, Ruxi Zhang

It is September 2013.  The new Chinese President Xi Jinping will soon launch his tour in Central Asia.  On this tour, the President is deciding whether to launch a grand investment strategy, which he calls...

Nikhar Gaikwad, Kenneth Scheve

In June 1991, India was in the midst of a currency and balance of payments crisis the likes the country had not seen since independence in 1947. The country’s foreign exchange reserves were barely enough...

Nikhar Gaikwad, Kenneth Scheve

In December 2015, Angela Merkel, Chancellor of Germany and the de facto leader of the EU, faced the challenge of formulating an effective policy response to Europe’s migration crisis. Merkel must decide whether Germany can...

George Foster, Sara Rosenthal

The What’s Up Moms case tells the story of three friends, Meg Resnikoff, Connie Kin, and Elle Walker, who co-founded a YouTube channel called What’s Up Moms to provide instructive and humorous video content targeted...

David Dodson, Ryan Kissick

The Mary Chowning case examines several managerial challenges that Mary Chowning encountered during her first year as chief financial officer (CFO) of the fictitious company Nutrigenics.  Through Chowning’s tribulations, the case provides an opportunity for...

H. Irving Grousbeck, Ryan Kissick

The ConvenientMD case highlights the role of emotion and ambiguity in business interactions.  ConvenientMD, led by co-CEOs Gareth Dickens and Max Puyanic, operated urgent care centers (UCCs) in the northeastern United States.  UCCs are medical...

Thomas Layton, Sara Rosenthal

The UltraCase case tells the story of a company founded in the 1970s by an avid scuba diver who decided to build a business around products that would maximize his diving experience.  Among his first...

H. Irving Grousbeck, Sara Rosenthal

Coley Andrews could never have anticipated when he cofounded Pacific Lake Partners, a search fund investment firm, in 2009, that he would spend as much time managing people as he would the firm’s investment strategy. ...

H. Irving Grousbeck, Bethany Coates, Sara Rosenthal

Mary Jones was the CEO of the Richardson County Community Association (RCCA), a nonprofit with assets of $250 million and annual grants totaling $50 million to charitable organizations in Richardson County, Colorado.  As CEO of...