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Explore journal articles based on CES-supported research projects and other entrepreneurial research and insights from Stanford GSB faculty.

Stanford GSB Research on Entrepreneurship

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Entrepreneurship Insights by Stanford Business

October 19, 2016
Sanctioned financing is tricky in an industry that's long been illicit.
A worker tends to cannabis plants. | Reuters/Baz Ratner
October 11, 2016
How a speech-recognition app is using big data and AI to foster a bilingual culture.
A man talks on a mobile phone as he walks past the view of the Shanghai skyline. | Reuters/Carlos Barria
September 20, 2016
How to create a customer-centric venture.
Entrepreneurs work at their computer laptops at the so-called "incubator" of French high-tech start-ups "Numa" in Paris, France. | REUTERS/Charles Platiau
September 13, 2016
When the cofounder of a ride service for kids kept hearing no, she channeled her unbreakable grandma.
Kids getting into a car | iStock/kate_sept2004
August 30, 2016
How three Stanford alumni created an international gallery designed to benefit artists, collectors, and its owners — in that order.
"Stare of Death," 2015. Ink on paper by Li Jin.
August 23, 2016
A professor discusses his decades of research into the origins, advantages, perils, and future of “authentic” branding.
man serving several different craft beers | Reuters/Kim Hong-Ji
July 14, 2016
How the supermodel-turned-CEO found opportunities where others saw obstacles.
Tyra Banks, CEO of Tyra Banks Co. and founder of Fierce Capital | Reuters/Mike Blake