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Journal Articles

Research papers authored by Stanford GSB faculty and published in leading peer-reviewed journals that provide rigorous empirical analysis of concepts and theories in corporate governance.

Selected Journal Articles About Corporate Governance

Corporate Governance, Incentives, and Tax Avoidance (forthcoming)

The Efficacy of Shareholder Voting: Evidence from Equity Compensation Plans

Proxy Advisory Firms and Stock Option Repricing

The Relation between Equity Incentives and Misreporting: The Role of Risk-Taking Incentives

Boardroom Centrality and Stock Returns

Corporate Governance, Compensation Consultants, and CEO Pay Levels

Detecting Deceptive Discussions in Conference Calls

Corporate Governance and the Information Content of Insider Trades

The Market Reaction to Corporate Governance Regulation

Rating the ratings: How good are commercial governance ratings?

Endogenous Selection and Moral Hazard in Compensation Contracts

Chief Executive Officer Equity Incentives and Accounting Irregularities

On the Use of Instrumental Variables in Accounting Research

The Stock Market's Pricing of Customer Satisfaction

Discussion of “The Impact of the Options Backdating Scandal on Shareholders” and “Taxes and the Backdating of Stock Option Exercise Dates”

The Power of the Pen and Executive Compensation

Perfomance-Based Compensation in Professional Service Firms: An Examination of Medical Group Practices

Corporate Governance, Accounting Outcomes and Organizational Performance

Endogeneity and Empirical Accounting Research

The Structure of Performance-Based Stock Option Grants

Fees Paid to Audit Firms, Accrual Choices, and Corporate Governance

Performance Implications of Strategic Performance Measurement in Financial Service

The Structure and Performance Consequences of Equity Grants to Employees of New Economy Firms