Stanford GSB faculty hold occasional conferences.

Past Conferences

View conference organizers, speakers, and presentations for past conferences held at Stanford GSB.

California Econometrics Conference

Hosted by Stanford Graduate School of Business and Stanford Institute for Economic Policy Research

Innovation for Shared Prosperity Conference

Entrepreneurs, venture capitalists, and researchers from economics and allied fields gathered with the goal of advancing technology-driven business and research that will benefit those in the bottom 50% of the income distribution in the U.S.

Junior Faculty Workshop on Financial Regulation and Banking

This conference facilitates the dissemination of research, networking, and collaboration among junior faculty working on financial regulation, financial intermediation, and banking.

Quantitative Marketing Conference

The conference brought together recent Stanford PhD graduates — who are now junior faculty in marketing departments — to present their work, provide them with feedback on their presentations, and further initiate discussion and thought to improve quantitative marketing research among the Stanford community.

Theory and Inference in Accounting Research

This conference focused on disclosure theory and theory-driven empirical work, with the aim of bridging the divide between theory and empirics.