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A sign on a light in a startup office that reads, "Sorry for the inconvenience, but we are trying to change the world." Reuters/Thomas Peter
March 11, 2015

How to Preserve a Startup Culture as a Company Grows

The intense atmosphere at startups can make conflicts difficult to resolve.


Someone's hands moving while talking during a meeting.
January 14, 2015

Zakary Tormala: Why Certainty Matters in Business

A psychologist explores what makes our attitudes change over time.


Office table and workers shaking hands
February 20, 2015

Jeffrey Pfeffer: Why Companies No Longer Reward Loyal Employees

Repaying favors is the norm in our personal lives, but not in the workplace.
Insights into the way companies operate on a global scale throughout the world.


Jeffrey Pfeffer
March 19, 2015

Jeffrey Pfeffer: Power (and How to Get More of It)

A professor of organizational behavior describes how you can increase your influence at work.


A trader plays a computer game in the trading room of the Shanghai Petroleum Exchange. | Reuters/Aly Song
March 18, 2015

How a Bit of Play Might Lead to Better Work

The CEO of Badgeville says companies that “gamify” their workplaces could see more engagement and productivity.

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June 1, 2003

Research: When is it Smart to Outsource?

A series of new papers suggests that outsourcing manufacturing may stifle innovation, and that a different model might be better.
August 1, 2002

The Rise of the Mighty Microbrew

Researchers explain how industries dominated by large firms actually create an environment where smaller specialists can thrive.
August 1, 2002

Why Do Some Companies Thrive While Others Fail?

Researchers in the growing field of organizational ecology say it's vital to look at the entire life cycle of the business, including the failures.
February 1, 2002

Robert Joss: Beware the Shortcut to the Top

In a seminar, the Stanford GSB dean explains that many organizations don't properly think through when to put certain employees in top jobs.
October 15, 2001

Robert Sutton: How to Promote, Manage, and Sustain Innovation

In his new book, a scholar offers "weird" ideas for managers to boost creativity and performance, each backed by research and real-world success.
November 1, 2000

Game Theory: A New Tool for Economists

In the last 25 years, many if not most significant innovations in economics have been driven by this methodological innovation.
November 1, 1999

The Knowing-Doing Gap

Jeffrey Pfeffer and Robert Sutton explore how companies can turn talk into action, and why promoting internal competition may not help.
June 1, 1999

Stock Options, It's all in the Timing

Researchers examine how compensation incentives affect executives' decisions to disclose information.
August 1, 1998

John Jost: Women Undervalue Themselves in Setting Pay Rates

In one startling study, women paid themselves 18% less than the men paid themselves for identical work.
September 1, 1997

Why Some Managers Won't Let Go

A study reveals the tendency of leaders to inflate the worth of work produced with their direct oversight.