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Organizational Behavior


John Browne in 2010
September 24, 2014

Former BP CEO John Browne: Why Coming Out is Good Business

In an excerpt from his new book, a former oil executive explains why he kept his gay identity a secret for decades.


John Kennedy (R) meets with then Secretary of Defense Robert S. McNamara and Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff General Maxwell D. Taylor
November 5, 2014

Ken Shotts: Better Decisions Spring From Competition and Balance in Organizations

What the Cuban Missile Crisis can teach business leaders about monopolists and informal power.


Worker in a metal warehouse.
October 6, 2014

Nicholas Bloom: Decentralized Firms are More Recession-Proof

Research shows that flexibility wins in bad economic times.


Ed Catmull and colleagues
September 19, 2014

Roderick Kramer: How Do Trustworthy Leaders Behave?

A scholar explains some signs that a boss has your — and the organization’s — best interests at heart.


A man working at his computer.
November 7, 2014

Lindred Greer: Why Virtual Teams Have More Conflict

A professor of organizational behavior explains why disagreements among virtual teams can escalate more quickly than in face-to-face encounters.
Learn to build management teams, encourage professional development, and create a productive culture within your corporation or business.

Latest Stories in Organizational Behavior

December 14, 2011

Women Still Underrepresented on Corporate Boards

Women hold about 15% of Fortune 500 corporate board seats and the numbers are not growing rapidly.
November 18, 2011

Kent Thiry: Developing Successful Leaders Takes a Village

The CEO of DaVita says management can be taught, but leadership is a skill that requires learning about yourself and other human beings.
November 12, 2011

Hypothetically Speaking, Beware

Baba Shiv's research reveals why hypothetical questions aren't as innocent as they seem.
October 15, 2011

How to Tell Your Story for Impact

Communication lecturer JD Schramm helps alumni develop the art and science of tight story-telling for social impact.
October 11, 2011

Why Nice Guys Don't Always Make It to the Top

Taking care of others may reduce a nice guy's chance of becoming a leader.
October 10, 2011

Player Hierarchy in the NBA Can Lead to Victory

Unlike major league baseball, salary disparity in the NBA can make a positive difference on the court, says Nir Halevy, coauthor of a new study.
September 15, 2011

Give Them the Gift They're Expecting

Research shows that when it comes to gift giving, most people are simply not paying enough attention to what others want.
June 15, 2011

Power Diffuses in Global Corporations, New Book Suggests

Today's global corporations are evolving towards networks of related affiliates, says Bruce McKern, faculty director of the Sloan Master's Program.
June 1, 2011

Katherine Phillips: African-American Women are Succeeding Rapidly

A visiting scholar explains how black are excelling as undergraduates and in business, particularly as entrepreneurs.
May 1, 2011

Conference Explores Innovations Transforming Health Care

A new generation of medical "rock stars" are blending cutting-edge technology with reams of old-fashioned data to drive global chance in health care.