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Ten Popular Business Videos of 2015


Ten Popular Business Videos of 2015

Faculty, alumni, and guest speakers share insights on leadership, innovation, and more.
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View the most-watched videos on our YouTube channel this year:

1. Vinod Khosla on Failure and Success

“Try and fail, but don’t fail to try,” emphasized the founder of Sun Microsystems and Khosla Ventures.

Vinod video

2. Jack Ma: How Entrepreneurs Can See China Through Its Growing Pains

A fireside chat with the Alibaba Group chairman and Yahoo! founder Jerry Yang.

Jack Ma video

3. Elizabeth Holmes of Theranos: Transforming Healthcare by Embracing Failure

Holmes shared her company’s approach to constantly embracing failure and the long-term vision of making people’s lives better around the world.

Holmes video

4. Design Thinking Is About Doing

Professor Stefanos Zenios explained how design thinking can help entrepreneurs take their big idea from a rough sketch on the back of a napkin to a real-world product.

Zenios video

5. Mitt Romney: Know Your Values

The politician and businessman explored the importance of understanding your values and articulating what you want to accomplish.

Romeny video

6. HP CEO Meg Whitman on Integrity in Leadership

“You have to be known for high integrity – doing what you say, saying what you mean,” stated Whitman.

HP Video

7. Former Manchester United Manager Sir Alex Ferguson: Think Long Term

A discussion on the critical role a manager plays in setting expectations, assessing talent, and communicating with the team.

Manchester Video

8. Earvin “Magic” Johnson: Understand Your Customers and Over-Deliver

“The same principles apply as a basketball player and a CEO: focus, strategy, discipline.”

Magic video

9. Walmart’s CEO on the Impact of Globalization and Culture

Doug McMillon described how he’s leading change and evolving the business of a 53-year-old company.

Walmart video

10. Negotiate to Get More of What You Want

Top negotiation tips from Professor Margaret Neale.

Neale video

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