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Created by Stanford GSB Library, FINData is a financial and economic data discovery tool designed to help you quickly locate data sources for your research.

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“In 15 years, if you don’t have a solid quant background, you might have a permanent pink slip”. Sobering words, from the Wall Street Journal article Big Data, Big Paycheck. Author Nikki Waller warns that Big Data is here to stay, and that if you are not a quantitative expert, you’d better brush up. According to Linda [...]
At 5:15 PM on April 17 in the Great Room, 4th floor Bass Center, Prof Bob Sutton will speak on his new book Scaling Up Excellence, co-authored with Prof Huggy Rao. Chip and Dan Heath, authors of Switch and Made to Stick, comment  “If you want your organization to expand and grow without losing what makes you special, [...]