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Management Matters

video A field experiment in Indian textile plants shows management practices directly impact productivity.

Feet on the Ground

Structured trips provide cultural experiences for students learning to lead in a global economy.

Desegregating Advanced High School Classes

Social Innovation Fellow recruits potential achievers who are often left out.



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A weekly round up of media mentions.

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Sea Creature Inspires Tea Party

Students Help Close Trading Day

Chilean Mining Chief Delivers In Crisis

video Flushing Bad Sanitation Practices

Fund Saves Historic Sites

Family-Wide Cancer Recovery

video Zappos Finds Happiness Good Fit

Users Help Translate Facebook

New Director of Alumni Relations

Building Businesses from Garbage

video Fund Grows Apps into Companies

Virtual Class Takes Flight

Social Innovation Journal Relocates

For the Record: MBA Class Profile

Employment Report: MBA 2010 Class

Recommended Books


Shmoop, an educational website, combines sophistication and fun in online guides, test prep, and teacher resources.

video Entrepreneurship
Turning around a  bankrupt company that sold a sexual enhancement product wasn't as difficult as convincing media outlets to accept advertising.

Zestra photograph

Unusual investments illustration

Some alumni benefitted from perfect timing, others encountered the perfect storm.


faculty news

Rice Joins GSB Faculty, Global Business Center
School also names five assistant professors.

Professor, Alums Thanked for Service
Shiv and others receive awards for their volunteer service to the school.

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faculty research

Banking Illustration

video Finance Faculty Rebut Banks on Leverage
Increasing equity requirements would not be expensive and would bring widespread social benefits, some faculty say.

Executives' Words Contain Clues to Deception
Language may be a better predictor of a company's health than accounting reports, according to Prof. David Larcker.

Larker Illustration

John Roberts: Expert on Industrial Organization
His research with Paul Milgrom explained how information differences between parties affect industrial behavior.

Most Companies not Prepared to Replace CEOs, Study Finds
More than half of companies today could not immediately name a successor to their CEO should the need arise.

Stock Options Lift Performance of Executives More than Minions
Granting options to a broad selection of employees may not be an effective tool to motivate them to work harder and smarter.

The Downside of Networking
Social networking resulted in many people being denied jobs during the 1950s Hollywood "Red Scare."