Tuesday, January 4, 2005

How to Donate to the Red Cross "In Honor of James Hsu"

American Red Cross Bay Area Chapter Attention: Ana Djordjevich 85 Second Street, 8th Floor San Francisco, CA 94105

STANFORD GRADUATE SCHOOL OF BUSINESS—Stanford Business School students are raising money for the tsunami relief effort in honor of James Hsu, an MBA student who was lost in the Dec. 26 tsunami in Thailand. The goal as a community—students, faculty, alumni, and administrators—is to help afflicted communities in South Asia . The target for the student body is $50,000. However, we invite anyone—friends, relatives, companies, or other individuals-to donate to this cause honoring James.

How to Donate Online

Go to www.bayarea-redcross.org. Select the link labeled Donate near the top of the page. Select the link Click Here to Support Red Cross Efforts in South Asia. Enter your donor information. Under Program select International Disaster Response-South Asia. Enter an amount. We suggest at least $50 but please do not give more than you can afford. Enter your credit card information. IMPORTANT: Select the box My donation is a tribute to someone special. Select Verify Info to go to the next screen. Verify your information and then select Send Payment Now. On the next screen you will see a receipt. If you wish to have a copy ofyour receipt, print this screen. IMPORTANT: On the same screen, read the letter and then select Tribute Info. On the next screen, please type the following:

Select: In honor of
Name:James Hsu
Occasion: Friends and Family of James Hsu

Under Notification of Gift, please type:

Name: Jina Sohn, Office of Student Life
Address: 655 Knight Way, Stanford, CA 94305

How to Donate by Telephone

Call the San Francisco Chapter of the Red Cross at 888.443.5722. Using your keypad, select option 7 to go to the donor hotline. When you speak with an agent, please tell them you would like to donate to The South Asian Relief Effort. Also, tell them you would like your donation to be In honor of James Hsu. The agent will collect your information and ask for a donation amount. Werecommend $50 or more but please give only what you can afford. After collecting your information you will be asked who you are honoringand where to send the notice. Please tell them:

Make the donation: In honor of James Hsu
Mail the notice ofthe donation to: Jina Sohn, Office of Student Life, 655 Knight Way, Stanford, CA 94305

How to Donate by Mail

We do not recommend this option because it will take the longest amount of time to reach aid victims.

Make your check payable to "American Red Cross". We recommenda donation of $50 or more, but please only donate what you can afford. In the memo section, please write South Asia Relief Effort. Write a note stating that your donation to the South Asia Relief Effort isin honor of James Hsu. Specify that you want a notice of your honorary donation sent to:Jina Sohn, Office of Student Life, 655 Knight Way, Stanford, CA 94305. Send your check and letter to:

How to Gather Donations from Businesses or Other Private Individuals

To amplify the impact of our collective donations, we would like to include private donors and businesses by asking them to contribute money or participate in a corporate matching gift program.

For friends outside the GSB who wish to donate, please refer them to this page URL and ask them to follow the donation instructions above.