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Non-GSB Registration

Welcome to the GSB!

Before getting started, note that there are several important differences between GSB and University courses. They are summarized below, though it is your responsibility to read and understand the full policy.

Once you have familiarized yourself with the above policies, proceed with the registration process below.

How to Register for GSB Courses

  1. Review the GSB elective courses for non-GSB students listed under the Course Listings tab on the navigation bar.  Additional course description information is available on Explore Courses.
  2. Submit a Non-GSB Add Request form. Important: Log out of your Gmail first. If you see “You need permission to access the item”, click Add Account, enter your SUNet ID and password, and click Sign in to be taken to Stanford’s authentication page.  
  3. If instructor approval is required, email the instructor and forward the approval to GSB Academic Operations at Your request will not be processed until instructor approval is received. Note that instructor approval does not guarantee you a seat in the class.
  4. If a seat is available for you, the GSB Academic Operations office will notify you via email. The email will provide instructions for how to add the course to your study list via Axess by a given deadline. If you miss the deadline, your seat will go to another student. 
  5. Note that while requests are processed on a first-come, first-served basis, you may not be notified about your permission status for some classes until very close to the GSB Add/Drop deadline. Your patience is greatly appreciated.

Please review the Frequently Asked Questions tab, which includes information about how to register for GSB courses, as well as GSB Grading. If you still have questions, please contact GSB Academic Operations at