2013 GSB Healthcare Innovation Summit Videos

Reinventing the Health Insurance Business

The Future of Healthcare

In a 2012 article in The New York Times, Zeke Emanuel
predicted the extinction of the American health
insurance industry by 2020, as changes render traditional
payer business models obsolete. In this presentation,
Mark Bertolini, CEO of Aetna,describes how his company
is actively reinventing itself against this backdrop to
diversify its core business and transform the way it engages
with customers. The session also explores the role that
health-related information technology is playing in helping
Aetna realize its new strategy.

Robert Pearl, CEO of The Permanente Medical Group,
explores the idea of using artificial intelligence and
clinical support systems to replace traditional, human-
centered diagnosis and treatment paradigms with more
scientific, data-driven methods. Thought leaders Vinod
Khosla, Founder of Khosla Ventures, and Abraham
Verghese, Professor for the Theory and Practice of
Medicine at Stanford, present their opposing views
on this polarizing topic and debate the optimal path

Recasting the Patient as Consumer

Rethinking Care Delivery

Constantia Petrou (MBA 2002), founder of Konnectology,
led an exchange about the unique challenges and
opportunities associated with recasting patients as
consumers in the healthcare sector. Key topics included
strategies and incentives for driving lasting behavior change,
different approaches that healthcare IT companies are
taking to consumer markets, the business models that
look most promising, and the impact of new technologies
on traditional patient/provider relationships. 
The panelists
were Ron Gutman, founder and CEO of HealthTap; Bassam
Kadry, Anesthesiologist and Participatory Medicine
Advocate; Ann Lamont, Managing Partner of Oak Investment
Partners; and Kelly McGonigal, Health Psychologist and
Lecturer at Stanford.

In recent years, a plethora of new technologies have been
released that can enable new models for delivering
health care--and more are on the way. This discussion
explored how two major providers screen, choose,
adopt, and integrate new technologies into their standards
of care, taking into account the larger context of
their organizations. The session featured Yan Chow,
Director of Kaiser Permanente's Innovation and
Advanced Technology Group, and Molly Coye,
Chief Innovation Officer of the UCLA Health System.
It was moderated by Arnold Milstein, Director of
Stanford's Clinical Excellence Research Center,
and Stefanos Zenios of the Stanford Graduate School
of Business.

Revitalizing Healthcare Innovation

The long-overdue application of information technology
to healthcare is enabling unprecedented innovation in
the field. This discussion, led by Tom McKinley, Partner
at Carindal Partners, explored how entrepreneurs are
approaching health innovation in the digital age and how
they're using technology to disrupt the status quo. The
panelists included Hamid Tabatabaie, CEO and President
of lifeIMAGE; David Van Sickle, co-founder and CEO
of Asthmapolis; and Chini Krishnan, founder and CEO
of Getinsured.com.