Global Health


The number of students with an interest in global health his growing rapidly, and Stanford is keeping pace by offering courses, events, and hands-on learning opportunities to engage and expand this community.

GSB students can take advantage of GMIX projects and Service Learning Trips to gain international exposure. They can also get involved in research that focuses on ways to more effectively develop and implement solutions to pressing global health needs. Courses on global health topics are available across campus.

Additionally, the medical school’s Center for Innovation in Global Health manages a grant from the NIH, known as C-IDEA, to align and better integrate global health-related activities taking place across the university. The GSB is a participant in this grant and takes part in the many educational events and networking opportunities that this effort makes available to students interested in the field. Funds are also available through C-IDEA to support teams of students working on products and services designed specifically to address the needs of underserved populations in developing countries.

Featured Project

One Biodesign team that was pursuing the need for an inexpensive, noninvasive screening mechanism to identify babies with neonatal jaundice received funding through the C-IDEA grant. They used a portion of the money to travel to India. On the ground in their target market, they visited rural villages, clinics, and hospitals, and spoke with many of the stakeholders involved in caring for jaundiced neonates to gather feedback on their approach. "As far as understanding and addressing a need, our trip to India has given us an overwhelming amount of new information,” said team member Kate Niehaus. “We need to debrief, sit down, and figure out how we want our device to fit within the Indian healthcare system. We may be redefining our end user somewhat, which could substantially change the design of the device.”