Global Experiences

How can you change the world if you don’t understand it? Participating in a global experience is a requirement — and a highlight — of the Stanford MBA Program. Gain a rich perspective of global management issues and experience life-changing insights as you take part in these exciting global opportunities.

Global Management Immersion Experience (GMIX)

GMIX provides you a unique opportunity to understand the culture, business environment, and social norms of a country that is new to you. You’ll spend at least four weeks during the summer working on a project for a sponsoring organization in an industry such as consumer products, international development, energy, finance, health care, media and entertainment, technology, or nonprofit. You can apply for projects sourced by the school or develop a unique GMIX focused on your specific interests.

MBA 2019

“I had the privilege of doing a GMIX in Israel and Palestine with UNICEF, and spent the last four weeks of my summer investigating the feasibility of small scale PV-powered desalination in the Gaza Strip. This opportunity really allowed me to dive headfirst into a culture and a part of the world that I had had little exposure to, and to further my passion for improving resource sustainability. It’s rare to get the chance to be truly immersed in a completely different culture and environment, and it made for an incredibly memorable and challenging summer.”

MBA 2019

“Nairobi GMIX was an incredible opportunity to learn from and work within an organization that is accomplishing impressive feats and breaking down walls in a complicated and unique emerging market. I learned firsthand from my month in Kenya that impact as a global leader is earned by building deep relationships, trust, and humility with coworkers from regions and cultures wildly different from mine.”

Global Explorations

Spend a quarter as a member of an intensive group-learning experience run by student leaders. During your Global Exploration, you will examine a challenging global issue by talking with a diverse array of stakeholders (CEOs, small-business owners, early career professionals, government officials, and entrepreneurs). With your Global Explorations learning community of twenty to thirty students and a faculty member, you will participate in learning sessions as well as social and cultural elements that will help you gain new perspectives on and an in-depth understanding of the program’s academic theme.

Recent Global Explorations have explored the role of supply chain management on firms’ sustainability performance, AI’s transformation of the products and services we consume everyday, and innovation opportunities in healthcare and workforce development that exist due to rapidly changing societal demographics.

MBA 2021

“Leading a Global Experience on Climate Change in Europe was both challenging and rewarding. It gave me the opportunity to put the leadership skills I was honing in my classes to the test, all while working across cultures and learning a ton about a topic that is incredibly important to me and my leadership teammates.”

Stanford-Tsinghua Exchange Program (STEP)

During this academic exchange program between Stanford GSB and the Tsinghua University School of Economics and Management in Beijing, you will develop a deeper, more nuanced understanding of doing business in China, as well as China’s role in the global economy. You’ll enroll in a Stanford GSB elective course and collaborate with Tsinghua MBA students on academic projects of mutual interest. While typically, Stanford MBA students travel to Beijing over Thanksgiving week in November and Tsinghua students come to Stanford in late January/early February, we are currently hosting virtual deep-dive experiences for you to gain academic and business insights, build cultural context, and develop long-lasting relationships with your peers.

This exchange program between Stanford GSB and the Tsinghua University School of Economics and Management will help you develop a deeper, more nuanced understanding of doing business in China, as well as China’s role in the global economy.

MBA 2021

“STEP was a phenomenal way to get to know thoughtful, talented, and fun-loving friends from China. Our experience was fully virtual, but the opportunity to get to know the perspective of our Tsinghua peers during such a tumultuous time in U.S.-China relations was eye opening. I walked away with great friends and the firm belief that we as people share much more in common than we think. I, along with many of my Stanford peers, am itching to make Beijing my first post-COVID travel destination!”

Self-Directed Experiences

Interested in creating your own global internship? Or perhaps you want to develop an independent study project with a Stanford GSB faculty member? We provide the support you need to create an individualized global experience that fulfills your academic and career goals.

MBA 2019

“The Self-Directed Global Experience option provides virtually unlimited freedom to explore whatever matters to you! This freedom allowed me personally to study technology in sports, something I’ve always been passionate about. It gave me experiences I’ll never forget and will take with me anywhere in my career.”

Due to the global health pandemic, we are adjusting our programming as circumstances evolve.