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Global Experiences

How can you change the world if you don’t understand it? Participating in a Global Experience is a requirement — and a highlight — of the Stanford MBA Program. Gain a rich perspective of global management issues, and experience life-changing insights, as you take part in these exciting global opportunities.

Global Management Immersion Experience (GMIX)

Gain hands-on global management experience by living and working in another country. GMIX is a great way to immerse yourself in a new culture, working environment, or industry. You’ll spend at least four weeks in the summer working on projects for a sponsoring organization in an industry such as consumer products, international development, energy, finance, healthcare, media and entertainment, technology, and telecommunications. Or, you can source your own GMIX to create an individualized, targeted experience.

Global Study Trips

Study Trips are 8-10 day intensive, group learning experiences led by student leaders. You will gain the skills to critically examine a challenging global issue by meeting a variety of stakeholders (CEOs, small business owners, young professionals, government officials and entrepreneurs) who provide a wide range of perspectives on the trip’s theme. Study Trips foster a unique learning community of 20-30 students and a faculty member through formal and informal learning, including pre-trip meetings, on-the-ground activities, and discussions and reflection before, during, and after the trip.

There are two types of Study Trips: Global Study Trips and Social Innovation Study Trips. Both programs encompass the components described above. In addition, Social Innovation Study Trips are built around investigating solutions to social or environmental issues to help you learn about the perspective of those most directly impacted by the social/environmental issue.

Global Study Trip locations have included: Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Cambodia, China, Finland, Germany, India, Indonesia, Kenya, Morocco, Myanmar, Nepal, New Zealand, Peru, Russia, Singapore, South Africa, Spain, Vietnam, and more.

Self-Directed Experiences

Do you want to find your own global internship or opportunity? We provide the support you need to create an individualized global experience that fulfills your academic and career goals. 

Stanford-Tsinghua Exchange Program (STEP)

This exchange program between Stanford GSB and Tsinghua University School of Economics and Management will help you develop a deeper understanding of doing business in China as well as China’s role in the global economy.

During STEP, you’ll collaborate with MBA students from Tsinghua on academic projects of mutual interest. You’ll also spend nine days in Beijing participating in a variety of academic, business, and cultural activities. Then, you’ll host Tsinghua students when they visit Stanford GSB for a reciprocal experience.

Last Updated 2 Jun 2016