Loan Forgiveness Program Required Materials

The following materials are required to determine your loan forgiveness eligibility.

Submit these forms to the Stanford GSB Financial Aid Office via the secure document upload portal.

Nonprofit/Public Service Loan Forgiveness Annual Application

The annual application must be completed each year for which you wish to receive loan forgiveness funds. 

U.S. Federal Tax Return

You will provide a copy of your most recent U.S. Federal Tax Return (1040), including all schedules and copies of W-2 forms, or a foreign equivalent.

If you are submitting a foreign tax statement, provide copies of the most recent tax statement from any and all countries in which they were filed. Include an index of the current exchange rate. Include a U.S. 1040 NR form, if applicable.

If you did not file in any country, you must provide a letter of explanation.

Spouse’s U.S. Tax Return

If you are married and filing separately, you must include copies of your spouse’s most recent U.S. federal tax return, all schedules, and W-2 forms, or foreign equivalent as detailed above.

Proof of Employment and Wages

Provide your most recent pay stub as proof of employment and salary. If you were recently hired and have not yet received a pay stub, you will need need to provide your offer letter.

Proof of Spouse’s Employment and Wages

If you are married to an employed spouse, provide proof of their employment and salary (an offer letter or recent pay stub).

Mission and Scope of Activities

Submit documentation issued from the qualified employer that describes the organization’s mission and scope of activities, or a letter from the employer with the same information. If the employer is an approved local or national government, you will need to provide a statement listing their job functions.

Employer’s Tax-Exempt Status

Provide verification of your employer’s tax-exempt status. If the employer’s tax-exempt status is a foreign equivalent of a 501(c)(3) or 501(c)(4), an explanation of the relevant country’s tax code or similar information, which can be used to establish foreign equivalency, will be needed. You do not need to demonstrate proof of employer’s tax-exempt status if you work for a:

  • U.S. federal, state, or local government agency
  • Public school or college

Verification of Loan Debt

Provide verification of outstanding loan debt from lenders or servicers, including:

  • Required monthly repayment
  • Outstanding loan balance
  • Payment history

If a spouse has outstanding educational loans, submit verification of their loan debt as well.

View our sample loan summary for guidance.

Proof of Childcare Expenses

If applicable, include proof of childcare expenses, such as:

  • Invoices
  • Statements from a licensed childcare provider
  • Proof of payment for services if no invoice is available

Document Translation

If any of the above materials are not in English, provide a personal translation of the pertinent information.

Six-Month Renewal Application

We distribute annual loan forgiveness funds in two disbursements: one at the beginning of the application year and the second application at mid-year. These dates may vary, depending on when you submit your application. You must submit the Stanford MBA six-month renewal application to receive your second disbursement.

Last Updated 25 Nov 2019