The interview is designed to be mutually beneficial; we want to get to know you and take the time to answer your questions about the program.

We use our conversation to assess your communication skills, ability to think strategically and critically, and level of self-awareness — all within the larger context of your application.

Interviews are by invitation only.

About the Interview

  • How: By invitation only; you will be contacted after the admissions committee has reviewed your application and determined that you qualify to proceed to the interview round.
  • Who: Interviewers are members of the admissions committee or program staff.  
  • Where: All interviews are conducted online via the Zoom meeting platform.
  • Time:  Most interviews last 30-45 minutes.

How to Prepare

Take time to reflect on your career and think about specific circumstances that are the strongest examples of your analytical thinking abilities, problem-solving skills, teamwork orientation, and leadership capacity. In particular, reflect on:

  • The most challenging situations you have faced and how you handled them
  • How your actions positively inspired others or your organization
  • Where you have continued growth and skill refinement to magnify your impact