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Partners & Families

Because Stanford MSx Fellows are already established both professionally and personally, more than half come to campus with their partners or families.

Stanford MSx families are guaranteed housing on the Stanford campus, where they become part of a rich academic and cultural community. They provide invaluable support for the Fellows throughout their year, and serve as an integral part of the MSx experience.

Partners are accomplished individuals, with a variety of experiences and interests. They share ideas with one another, and are a vital part of the learning environment outside of the classroom. Like the Fellows, Stanford MSx partners come from around the world, and represent more than 25 different countries every year.

Some partners choose to pursue their own education while in the Stanford area. This can include studying English as a second language through the university’s Bechtel International Center. Some choose to take other Stanford courses, enroll at other nearby colleges, or take classes offered through museums and community organizations.

Partners can also:

  • Attend speaker and other events on campus.
  • Access to Stanford athletic and other facilities.
  • Attend many of the activities offered to Stanford MSx Fellows.
  • Build their personal and professional networks through relationships they establish during the year.
  • Support one another in the challenges of maintaining family life in a new location.
  • Plan events and outings that align with their own particular interests — including programs for children, social and cultural events, and trips to nearby sights. Since roughly half of Stanford MSx families include children, many activities revolve around youngsters.

The time and experiences shared during the year create many lifelong friendships among families. Those relationships often span years and continents.

Local Schools

There are many public and private schools in the Stanford vicinity. Public schools in the United States are free to all children living within the school’s attendance boundaries, and most Stanford families find the local public schools quite satisfactory.