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April 30, 2014 Stanford GSB
Stanford Responsible Supply Chains Conference: Designing Supply Chains for Positive Impact
The sixth annual Responsible Supply Chains Conference will bring together corporate executives, nonprofit leaders, policy makers, and academics to discuss proactive approaches to promoting social progress, environmental stability, and ethical integrity through supply chain design. Click here to register.

Other Upcoming Events

August 17-22, 2014 Stanford GSB
Strategies and Leadership in Supply Chains
The growing global economy has redefined the dynamics of competition for modern organizations. With product life cycles shortening and worldwide rivalries increasing, success depends on effective global supply chain management—being able to deliver the right product to the right market at the right time.

The complexity involved in managing supply chains that span continents and dominate markets demands strategies and systems that are agile, adaptable, and aligned. Taught by world-renowned thought leaders in the field, this program gives you the tools you need to create and manage market-leading global supply chains. More information.

Past Events


February 11  Eindhoven, Netherlands
Supply Chain Renaissance: human capital as a key enabler
March 13 Stanford GSB
Trends in Global Supply Chain Strategy: Outsourcing, Re-shoring, Near-Shoring


January 31 Stanford GSB
Reshoring: Beyond the Buzz
February 20 Eindhoven, Netherlands
European Supply Chain Forum Workshop: Managing Scarcity Risks in Supply Chains
March 26 Stanford GSB
Inside the Data and Analytics-Driven Organization: Technology, Analytics, People and Processes
May 15 Stanford GSB
Value Chain Innovations in Developing Economies
June 5 Stanford GSB
Moving Your Innovation Forward
September 11 Eindhoven, Netherlands
Supply Chain Management Talent Development
October 16 Eindhoven, Netherlands
Cool Change Management
View webinar.
October 22 Stanford GSB
Toward a New eCommerce Supply Chain: Opportunity Through Disruption
October 22 Stanford GSB
Film Screening: The Cola Road
November 20 Eindhoven, Netherlands
Workshop: Supply Chain Finance 


February 15 Eindhoven, Netherlands
European Supply Chain Forum Workshop: The Interface Between New Product Development & Supply Chain
March 8 Stanford GSB
Stanford Initiative for the Study of Supply Chain Responsibility Consortium Meeting
April 11-12 Eindhoven, Netherlands
2012 Annual Forum Meeting
April 25 Stanford GSB
Healthcare Innovation Summit
May 10 Stanford School of Engineering
Creating Business Value with Enterprise Data and Analytics
October 2 Eindhoven, Netherlands
European Supply Chain Forum Workshop: Supply Chain Agility: Obtaining Dynamism through the Use of Real-Time Information
October 10 Stanford GSB
Stanford Responsible Supply Chains Conference: Shared Value and Supply Chains: Strategies for Success
October 23 Stanford GSB
Enabling Electronic Commerce: Social, Local, Mobile
November 21 Eindhoven, Netherlands
European Supply Chain Forum Workshop: Cross Chain Collaboration Centres (4C)


February 1 Stanford GSB
Innovations in E-commerce

Machr 17 Eindhoven, Netherlands
The Sustainable Supply Chain: Trend or Necessity
Vereniging Logistiek Ontwerpers in partnership with Eindhoven University of Technology
June 3-4 Hong Kong 
Managing Supply Chains in a Flat World: Challenges and Opportunities
June 22 Eindhoven, Netherlands
Workshop: Impact of Service Differentiation
July 20 Stanford School of Engineering
Creating Business Value with Analytics and Big Data
August 21-26 Stanford GSB
Executive Education: Strategies and Leadership in Supply Chains
September 20 Eindhoven, Netherlands
Workshop: Global Supply Chain Sustainability: "How Green Was My Supply Chain"
September 22 Stanford GSB
Roundtable: Digital Delivery in a Physical World
November 22 Eindhoven, Netherlands
Workshop: Risk and Resilience in Supply Chains
November 30 Stanford GSB
Patagonia Keeps a Close Eye on Its Supply Chain


April 29 Stanford GSB
Collaboration for the Greater Good: Social and Environmental Responsibility in the Global Supply Chain
May 25 Stanford GSB
Turning Supply and Demand Uncertainty into a Competitive Advantage