Zambia Health Supply Chain Research

Stanford University is partnering with Riders for Health to evaluate the effectiveness and efficiency of contracting out vehicle fleet management as an approach to strengthening the performance of health delivery organizations.

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The Research Questions

Riders for Health is a nonprofit organization focused on providing reliable and cost-efficient transportation solutions for health workers who are reaching out to rural communities in sub-Saharan Africa. Riders has developed a system for managing fleets of motorized vehicles with planned preventive maintenance. The organization’s mission is to make the 'last mile' the most important mile in health care delivery: creating, showing, and sharing the solutions for achieving truly equitable health care.

The Global Supply Chain Management Forum is evaluating the effectiveness and efficiency of this model. Its research team is collecting data in Southern Province, Zambia. They are helping answer the following questions:

  • To what extent do Riders’ models result in improved vehicle fleet management?
  • To what extent does improved vehicle fleet management result in improved health worker productivity?
  • To what extent does improved health worker productivity from improved vehicle fleet management result in equitable coverage of critical health interventions