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Collaborate with Seed. Multiply the impact.

At Seed we rely on collaborators to help achieve our mission — we realize our vision is not one that can be reached alone. From entrepreneurs in emerging economies to Stanford faculty, students, and seasoned executives, we know that something this ambitious requires many hearts and minds.

We are keen to amplify our impact in collaboration with investors, international organizations, nonprofits, governments, and corporations committed to economic prosperity in emerging markets.

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Director, Global Partnerships, Stanford Seed

Stanford Seed’s new online program collaborates with incubators to help early-stage entrepreneurs — and their businesses, shine more brightly.


Stanford Seed is happy to announce a collaboration with the Schwab Foundation for Social Entrepreneurship and the Jubilant Bhartia Foundation. Beginning in 2021, accepted finalists of The Social Entrepreneur of the Year-India Award will receive the “Hindustan Times Fellowship.” In combination with other philanthropic contributions, this fellowship will enable finalists of the Award to participate in the highly immersive, one-year Seed Transformation Program.