Participants of the Seed Transformation Program enjoying a networking event

Seed Transformation Network

Get to know some of the incredible leaders and businesses who have participated in the Seed Transformation Program.

The Network

The network is composed of past participants of our year-long, leadership experience designed exclusively for CEOs and founders of businesses across Africa and South Asia.

Members are able to harness the power of the global Seed community by connecting online, in-person, and at events, with other like-minded business leaders. Their ongoing engagement with Stanford Graduate School of Business enables them to continue their journeys to growth and expansion.

Connect with Seed Network Companies

Members operate a range of businesses covering a span of industries, including health care, information and communication technology, construction, education, wholesale/retail, services, and many more. Each company in the network has been in business for a minimum of five years and has a revenue range of between US $150,000 to $15 million. Connect with members directly through our online member directory.

This is Your Tribe
This is Your Tribe
Meet some of the entrepreneurs at the heart of the Seed Transformation Network, and learn how they are supporting each other and transforming their communities.