A participant in the Seed Transformation Program in class.

Seed Transformation Program Admission

Apply to the Seed Transformation Program in Africa, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Nepal, or India to gain access to Stanford’s leadership training, coaching, and networking support, and transform your company.

The application window for 2021 is now closed.


Applicants must:

  1. Be a CEO or founder of a company or market-driven social enterprise
  2. Lead a company with a strong value proposition and potential to grow, with annual revenue between US $300,000 and US $15 million, and that is registered in Africa, India, Bangladesh, Nepal, or Sri Lanka
  3. Have a management team of at least two people in addition to the CEO or founder

Educational Requirements

There are no specific educational requirements. We do not require that you take the GMAT or another exam to apply to or qualify for the Seed Transformation Program.

English-Language Proficiency

We do not require that you take the TOEFL or another English test to apply to or qualify for the Seed Transformation Program. However, participants must be able to both understand and speak English at a level that allows them to participate fully in this fast-paced program conducted in English.

The CEO or founder and their participating managers should be able to read business materials in English, understand and participate in lectures and class discussions, and engage in small-group discussions. For leaders and teams in French-speaking countries, some of the content is customized to meet the language needs for you and your teams.

Application Process

Admission to the Seed Transformation Program is very competitive. An admissions committee will assess all completed applications based on the program’s criteria for admission. The application requires leader and company information, as well as a personal statement.

Applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis, so we recommend you apply early.

Online Application

You must fill out and submit the application online.

Payment & Cancellation

Payment details will be provided upon acceptance to the program.

Financial Aid

This program is significantly subsidized by donors. In addition, a limited number of scholarships are available to female CEOs or founders and social entrepreneurs. Information will be made available to admitted applicants upon request.