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Global Speaker Series

The Global Speaker Series brings international leaders to Stanford GSB for broad-reaching conversations about the global context of today’s business environment.

Each year, a student leadership team invites a small group of top business, political, and social sector leaders to speak to our students on management and leadership in the global context. The series offers speakers an opportunity to discuss their personal views on the challenges inherent in leading multinational organizations and enacting change in an increasingly interconnected world.

Eric Schmidt & Jared Cohen: The Impact of Internet and Technology
Eric Schmidt & Jared Cohen
Dr. Condoleezza Rice moderates a discussion on how technology will change privacy and security, war and intervention, diplomacy, and terrorism.
Youku Tudou CEO Victor Koo: The Internet's Past and Future in China
Victor Koo
The CEO & President of Youku Tudou offers his perspective on the internet industry in China over the past 20 years and what to expect in the future.
Ratan Tata: Moving the Tata Group Beyond India
Ratan Tata
The former Chairman of the Tata Group (1991-2012) speaks about turning Tata from a largely India-centric company into a global business.
20 Years Later: Rwanda's Economic Transformation Since 1994
Paul Kagame
Dr. Renee Bowen interviews President Paul Kagame about leading Rwanda through economic and social growth over the 20 years since the 1994 genocide.