Hau L Lee

Thoma Professor of Operations, Information and Technology

Director of the Strategies and Leadership in Supply Chains Executive Program

Faculty Director of SEED

Phone: (650) 723-0514

Email: haulee@stanford.edu

Academic Areas: Operations, Information and Technology

Hau Lee’s research focuses on supply chain management, work that addresses how to get products or services to their destination by managing the flow of materials, information, and money. His research has resulted, among other things, in the building of computer models for industrial implementation, as well as in the development of strategies and operational concepts for practitioners.


Hau L. Lee is the Thoma Professor of Operations, Information and Technology at the Stanford Graduate School of Business. His areas of specialization include supply chain management, information technology, global logistics system design, inventory planning, and manufacturing strategy. He is the founding and current co-director of the Stanford Global Supply Chain Management Forum, an industry-academic consortium to advance the theory and practice of global supply chain management.  He is also the faculty director of the Stanford Institute for Innovations in Developing Economies.

Professor Lee has published widely in journals such as Management Science, Operations Research, Harvard Business Review, Sloan Management Review, Supply Chain Management Review, IIE Transactions, and Interfaces, etc. He has served on the editorial boards of many international journals, such as Operations Research, Manufacturing and Service Operations Management, IIE Transactions, Supply Chain Management Review, Sloan Management Review, and the Journal of Production and Operations Management. From 1997-2003, he was the Editor-in-Chief of Management Science.

Professor Lee was elected to the National Academy of Engineering in 2010.  He received the Harold Lardner Prize for International Distinction in Operations Research, Canadian Operations Research Society, 2003. He was elected a Fellow of Manufacturing and Service Operations Management, INFORMS, 2001; Production and Operations Management Society, 2005; and INFORMS, 2005. In 2006, he was President of the Production and Operations Management Society. His article, “The Triple-A Supply Chain,” was the Second Place Winner of the McKinsey Award for the Best Paper in 2004 in the Harvard Business Review. In 2004, his coauthored paper in 1997, “Information Distortion in a Supply Chain: The Bullwhip Effect,” was voted as one of the 10 most influential papers in the history of Management Science.

Professor Lee has consulted extensively in the public and private sectors. He is a co-founder of DemandTec, which went public in 2007. He is on the board and advisory board of several logistics services and supply chain software companies. He has also given executive training workshops on supply chain management and global logistics in Asia, Europe, and America.

Professor Lee obtained his BSocSc degree in Economics and Statistics from the University of Hong Kong in 1974, his MSc degree in Operational Research from the London School of Economics in 1975, and his MS and PhD degrees in Operations Research from the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania in 1983.

Academic Degrees

PhD, Univ. of Pennsylvania, 1983; MS, 1979; MIS, Institute of Statisticians, 1976; MSc, London School of Economics, 1975; BS, Univ. of Hong Kong, 1974.

Professional Experience

At Stanford since 1983. Project Engineer, Hewlett-Packard Company, 1989-90; Asst. Prof.-Prof., Stanford Univ., 1983-; Lecturer, Univ. of Pennsylvania, 1982-83; Lecturer, Univ. of Hong Kong, 1975-77.

Selected Publications

  • Manufacturer Benefits from Information Integration with Retail Customers: Management Science, 50, 4, 2004
  • “E-Fulfillment: Winning the Last Mile of E-Commerce,”: Sloan Management Review, 42, 4, 2001
  • Successful Strategies for Product Rollovers: Sloan Management Review, 39, 3, 1998
  • Variability Reduction Through Operations Reversal In Supply Chain Re-engineering: Management Science, 44, 2, 1998
  • Information Distortion in a Supply Chain: The Bullwhip Effect: Co-author, Management Science, 43, 4, April 1997

Working Papers

  • 1549: Information Sharing in a Supply Chain
  • 1824: Higher Supply Chain Security with Lower Cost: Lessons from Total Quality Management

Selected Cases

  • GS58: Riders for Health: Health Care Distribution Solutions in Sub-Saharan Africa
  • GS61: PCH International: Managing the Flows of Information, Goods, and Finance
  • GS62: Renault's Logan Car: Managing Customs Duties for a Global Product
  • GS63: Unsafe For Children: Mattel's Toy Recalls and Supply Chain Management
  • GS65: Zappos.com: Developing a Supply Chain to Deliver WOW!
  • GS66: Cisco Systems, Inc.: Collaborating on New Product Introduction
  • SI115: Ma Jun and the IPE: Using Information to Improve China's Environment
  • GS67: The European Recycling Platform: Promoting Competition in E-Waste Recycling
  • GS57C: Crocs (C): Back from the Dead
  • GS19: Note on Logistics in the Information Age
  • GS14A: Tong Yang Cement (A): Logistics and Incentives
  • GS17: Steelmaking at POSCO (1992)
  • GS02: Lucent Technologies: Provisioning and Postponement
  • GS16: Streamline, Inc.: A Lifestyle Solution Through Information-Smart Logistics
  • OIT13: Information Flows in Manufacturing Under SAP R/3
  • GS20: Agile Software - I Want My WebTV!
  • GS21: Intuit Inc.: From Products to Services in the Information Age
  • GS01: Lucent Technologies: Global Supply Chain Management
  • GS8: Adaptec Inc.
  • GS4: Hewlett-Packard Company: Network Printer Design for Universality
  • GS9: HP's DaVinci Project: New Order Fulfillment for HP's North American Distribution Organization (1997)
  • GS3A: Hewlett-Packard DeskJet Printer Supply Chain (A)
  • GS14B: Tong Yang Cement (B): Demand Foecasting and Globalization
  • GS3B: Hewlett-Packard DeskJet Printer Supply Chain (B)
  • GS25: SeeCommerce: Enhancing Supply Chain Velocity at DaimlerChrysler
  • GS24: Solectron: From Contract Manufacturer to Global Supply Chain Integrator
  • GS29: General Motors: Building A Digital Loyalty Network Through Demand And Supply Chain Integration
  • GS34: West Marine: Driving Growth Through Shipshape Supply Chain Management
  • GS38: OnStar: Connecting To Customers Through Telematics
  • GS43: Intel Corporation Product Transitions and Demand Generation
  • GS42: Toyota: Demand Chain Management
  • GS33: CEMEX: Transforming a Basic Industry Company
  • GS32: A Smart Supply Chain for a Smart Product: Micro Compact Car Smart GmbH
  • GS40: Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company: The Semiconductor Services Company
  • GS51: Woolworth "Chips" Away at Inventory Shrinkage Through RFID Initiative
  • GS49: Evolution of the Xbox Supply Chain
  • GS78: Mountain Hazelnuts: Social Entrepreneurship in Bhutan
  • GS44: POSCO: Global Supply Chain Management
  • GS54: Starbucks Corporation Building a Sustainable Supply Chain
  • GS56: Rio Tinto Iron Ore: Challenges of Globalization in the Mining Industry
  • GS41: Toyota: Service Chain Management
  • GS57A: Crocs (A): Revolutionizing an Industry's Supply Chain Model For Competitive Advantage
  • GS59: Integrated Distribution Services Group (IDS): Redefining the Asia Distribution Landscape
  • GS46: Netafim: Migrating from Products to Solutions
  • GS75: Shanzhai ("Bandit") Mobile Phone Companies: The Guerrilla Warfare of Product Development and Supply Chain Management
  • GS50: Harrah's Entertainment Inc.: Real-Time CRM in a Service Supply Chain
  • GS53: World Wide Technology and ClearOrbit: Enabling Supply Chain Collaboration
  • GS57B: Crocs (B): Hitting the Skids

Awards and Honors

  • National Academy of Engineering, 2010
  • Honorary Doctorate, 2008, Erasmus University of Rotterdam
  • MBA Distinguished Teaching Award, 2007, Graduate School of Business
  • Honorary Doctorate of Engineering, 2006, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology
  • Fellow, 2005, Production and Operations Management Society
  • Fellow, 2005, INFORMS

Courses Taught


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  • The Three A's of Supply Chain Excellence, Electronic Buyers News
  • Maximum Security, DC Velocity
  • Adapt Ability,, The Manufacturer.com,
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