Hayagreeva Rao

Atholl McBean Professor of Organizational Behavior and Human Resources

Professor of Sociology (by courtesy), School of Humanities and Science

Director of the Managing Talent for Strategic Advantage Executive Program

Codirector of the Customer-Focused Innovation Executive Program

Codirector of the Advanced Leadership Program for Asian American Executives

Academic Director, Stanford Innovation and Entrepreneurship Certificate

Professor Rao has published widely in the fields of management and sociology and studies the social and cultural causes of organizational change. In his research, he studies the role of collective action as a motor of organizational change and innovation.


His research has been published in journals such as the Administrative Science Quarterly, American Journal of Sociology, American Sociological Review, Academy of Management Journal, Organization Science and Strategic Management Journal. He is also the author of "Market Rebels: How Activists Make or Break Radical Innovation", Princeton University Press. 2009.

He served as the Editor of Administrative Science Quarterly, and has been a member of the editorial boards of American Journal of Sociology and Organization Science and Academy of Management Review. He has been a Member of the Organizational Innovation and Change Panel of the National Science Foundation.

He is a Fellow of the Center for Advanced Study in Behavioral Science, a Fellow of the Sociological Research Association and also a Fellow of the Academy of Management.

His teaching specialties include leading organizational change, building customer focused cultures, and organization design. He teaches courses on these topics to MBA and executive audiences. He has consulted with, and conducted executive workshops for, organizations such as Aon Corporation, British Petroleum, CEMEX, General Electric, Hearst Corporation, IBM, Mass Mutual, James Hardie Company, Seyfarth and Shaw. Additionally, he also worked with nonprofit organizations such as the American Cancer Society and governmental organizations such as the FBI and CIA, and the intelligence community.

Among the awards he has received are the Sidney Levy Teaching Award from the Kellogg School of Management, and the W. Richard Scott Distinguished Award for Scholarship from the American Sociological Association.

Academic Degrees

PhD, Case Western Reserve University, 1989. Post-Graduate Diploma in Personnel Management and Industrial Relations, XLRI, India, 1980. BA Andhra University, India, 1978.

Professional Experience

At Stanford since 2005. Richard L.Thomas Distinguished Professor of Leadership and Organizational Change, Kellogg School of Management, Northwestern University, 2002-2005; Charles Howard Candler Professor of Management, Goizueta Business School, 2002 April - 2002 June; Professor of Organization & Management, Goizueta Business School, 2000-2002; Associate Professor of Organization & Management, Goizueta Business School, Emory University, 1995-2000; Assistant Professor of Organization & Management, Goizueta Business School, 1989-1994.

Selected Publications

  • Vox Populi: Resource Partitioning, Organizational Proliferation, and the Cultural Impact of the Insurgent Micro-Radio Movement: American Journal of Sociology, 2006
  • Border Crossing: Bricolage and the Erosion of Culinary Categories in French Gastronomy: American Sociological Review, 2005
  • Store Wars: The Enactment and Repeal of Anti-Chain Store Legislation in America: American Journal of Sociology, 2004
  • Institutional Change in Toque Ville: Nouvelle Cuisine as an Identity Movement in French Gastronomy: American Journal of Sociology, 2003
  • Overcoming Resource Constraints on Product Innovation by Recruiting Talent from Rivals: A Study of the Mutual Fund Industry; 198: Academy of Management Journal, 2002
  • Fraternity, Equality and the Stability of Exchange Cliques: The Canadian Banking Industry: Academy of Management Journal, 2005
  • From Streets to Suites: How the Anti-BIotech Movement Penetrated German Pharmaceutical Firms: American Sociological Review, 2009
  • Vox Veritatis: Reply to Hart-Brison: American Journal of Sociology, 2010
  • Category Reinterpretation and Defection: Modernism Modernism and Tradition in Italian Winemaking : Organizational Science, 2011
  • Laws of Attraction: Regulatory Arbitrage in the Face of Activism in Right-To-Work States: American Sociological Review, 2011
  • Out of Tune: The Rise and Fall of Modernistic Music in Brussels I, 1919-1939: Poetics , 2012
  • Free Spaces as Organizational Weapons of the Weak: Religious Festivals and Regimental Mutinies in the Bengal Native Army, 1857: Administrative Science Quarterly, 2012
  • Echoes of the Past: An Institutional Legacy of Mutualism in Norway : American Journal of Sociology, 2012

Selected Cases

  • HR27: Rite-Solutions: Mavericks Unleashing the Quiet Genius of Employees
  • HR34: Scaling: How China-Based VanceInfo Grows Big Fast
  • HR30: Infosys: Building a Talent Engine to Sustain Growth
  • L13: Institute For Healthcare Improvement: The Campaign to Save 100,000 Lives
  • OB65: Eu Yan Sang: Reviving a Traditional Family Business with Modern Business Principles
  • HR31: Employee Recognition at Intuit
  • HR32: Seeing in the Dark: Innovation at FLIR Commercial Vision Systems
  • HR33: Chez Panisse Foundation: Scaling Up A Delicious Revolution
  • L15: Wyeth Pharmaceuticals: Changing the Mindsets and Behaviors of 17,000 People... One Person at a Time
  • HR35: Mozilla: Scaling Through a Community of Volunteers
  • L16: Institute for Healthcare Improvement: The 5 Million Lives Campaign
  • HR36: Chemrad Corporation: President and CEO Search
  • SM188B: Gruppo illy SpA (B): UniversitĂ  del Caffè
  • HR37: Manutech Corporation: President and Chief Operating Officer Search
  • SM188A: Illycaffè and Gruppo illy (A): Expanding Beyond Gourmet Coffee
  • L17: JetBlue Airways: A New Beginning

Awards and Honors

  • W. Richard Scott Distinguished Award for Scholarly Contributions, 2005, American Sociological Association
  • Fellow of Sociological Research Association, 2007, American Sociological Association
  • Sidney Levy Award For Teaching, 2004, Kellogg School of Management
  • Fellow, 2008, Academy of Management
  • Fellow, 2004, Center for Advanced Study in Behavioral Science

Courses Taught



  • Editor: Administrative Science Quarterly (2008 - 2011)
  • Member: Macro-Organizational Behavior Society (1997 - present)
  • Consulting Editor: American Journal of Sociology (2001 - 2003)
  • Member: Organization and Innovation Panel, National Science Foundation (2000 - 2002)
  • Senior Editor: Organization Science (2000 - 2002)
  • Member, Editorial Board: Academy of Management Review (1998 - 2002)
  • Member, Editorial Board: Administrative Science Quarterly (1996 - 2002)
  • Member, Editorial Board: Organization Science (1997 - 2002)

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