Career Breaks & Flexible Work

Men and women today take career breaks for a variety of reasons and may find themselves out of the formal workforce for months or even years.

Reentry poses unique challenges, as well as the opportunity to envision a career that fits with your current life, passions, and professional strengths.

Is this the right time for you to go back to work? Will you have time for a full-time career or should you look for a flexible work arrangement? The founders of iRelaunch, an organization centered around professional reentry, offer seven steps to rejoin the workforce that will help you assess your readiness to return to work and take the actions necessary to get there.

The following are additional resources for people who are looking for flexible work, insight into balancing work and family, and workforce reentry strategies:

Job Boards / Reentry Programs / Advice


Après connects accomplished women looking to return to the workforce with companies seeking the talent and diversity this demographic brings. Après also offers tools and advice to successfully navigate reentry.

Business Talent Group

Business Talent Group matches top independent talent with global companies, private equity firms and major non-profits for project-based work.

Burkland Associates

Matches senior finance professionals looking for flexible work with startups that aren’t ready for a full-time CFO.

Flexible Resources

Places seasoned, experienced talent in a variety of flexible work options throughout the New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut tri-state area.


Freelance hourly and fixed-price jobs.


Founded by HBS grads, it offers flexible work and consulting projects specifically for MBAs.


Produces career reentry programs, events, and content for employers, universities, organizations, and individuals. It supports mid-career professionals and the companies that want to hire them.

Mom Corps

It’s not just for moms. This national professional talent acquisition and career development firm matches women and men with companies looking for experienced hires open to flexible schedules.

The Mom Project

A digital talent marketplace that connects professional women with companies for project-based, short-term, and full-time career opportunities.


Boston-based firm offers a systematic approach for professional women to re-enter the workforce. Its program includes training to refresh professional skills, career coaching and assessment, and part-time paid work assignments.


SkillQuo connects small to mid-sized businesses with top global talent.

Vermilion Talent

Resources, programming, coaching and job board for women seeking to re-enter the workplace (monthly fee).


Job marketplace for opportunities with pre-negotiated types of flexibility (annual fee).

Books on Work and Life

Back on the Career Track

By Carol Fishman Cohen and Vivian Steir Rabin

The Comeback

By Emma Gilbey Keller

Getting to 50/50: How Working Couples Can Have It All by Sharing It All

By Sharon Meers and Joanna Strober

The Orange Line: A Woman’s Guide to Integrating Career, Family and Life

By Jodi Ecker Detjen, Michelle A. Waters, and Kelly Watson


By Cali Williams Yost