Daryn Dodson

MBA ’07
Managing Director at Illumen Capital

Daryn Dodson is Founder and Managing Director of Illumen Capital, the world’s first private equity firm dedicated to reducing implicit bias across financial markets to unlock returns and impact. Illumen Capital invests in the world’s top impact fund managers and applies research-based interventions in partnership with Stanford University to help fund managers to see past race and gender bias to focus on value.

Daryn previously led the Special Equities Program at the Calvert Funds, the $12 billion pioneer of the impact investing field. During his tenure, Calvert maintained a portfolio of more than 40 funds on five continents, representing over 350 underlying portfolio companies across a range of themes including renewable energy, biotech, education technology and microfinance.

Prior to his service to Calvert, Daryn served as Director of University and Corporate Partnerships for The Idea Village, where he created a platform that engaged leading private equity firms, business schools, and Fortune 500 companies in their investment of over 100,000 hours and $2 million into more than 1,000 New Orleans entrepreneurs, post-Hurricane Katrina. Prior to The Idea Village, Daryn built a coalition of national banks and faith-based institutions to educate Congress on reforms needed to stabilize the subprime lending market with Self-Help Credit Union.

Daryn currently serves on the Board of Directors of Ben and Jerry’s, chairing its Audit Committee, which measures the company’s impact in 35 countries. Daryn also serves on the Dean’s Management Board of the Stanford Graduate School of Business and the Board of Trustees of the Heifer Foundation.

Mr. Dodson earned an M.B.A. from Stanford and an A.B. in Public Policy from Duke University.

Last Updated 26 Apr 2018