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Susan Fernandez BeansMBA ’90
Susan Fernadez Beans, MBA ’90
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Susan FernandezBeans
MBA ’90

Susan is the vice president of enrollment at Avenues: The World School, headquartered in New York City. Susan is a Bay Area native and continues to live in the East Bay while working with Avenues schools in New York, São Paulo, Shenzhen, and Silicon Valley. Prior to joining Avenues, Susan was a partner for Webster Pacific, where she spent 15 years providing strategic, operational, and financial business services to clients in a wide variety of industries, ultimately focusing on the education industry. The founder of Webster Pacific, Tom Paper, was one of Susan’s GSB Class of ’90 classmates. Susan’s other professional experiences include serving as chief financial officer in an information services company and as a consultant at Bain & Company in the firm’s Boston and San Francisco offices.

Susan has served as a class agent and reunion fundraiser for many years. She enjoys many close friendships that were formed at the GSB and is deeply grateful for the incredible personal and professional ties that were all formed during her time at the GSB. One of the many perks of living in the Bay Area is that so many classmates are located here as well.

Susan and her husband, John, met at Bain & Company in San Francisco. They have three “kids” aged 22, 21, and 18. John is the founder and president of Jolly Logic, which designs and manufactures hobby electronics. John is an invited speaker and panelist on entrepreneurship, including student programs at Stanford.

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