BMI Research

BMI Research provides macroeconomic and market analysis across 24 industries and 200 global markets.

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Country Risk Analysis and Forecast

  • Analysts’ views on political stability and economic outlook
  • Political, economic, financial, and business developments
  • Country SWOT analysis
  • 5-year and 10-year forecasts
  • Country risk index: A country-comparative evaluation of the political, economic and operational risks to stability over a short- and long-term time span
  • Project risk index: Index of the risk associated with developing an infrastructure project across the financing, construction and operational phases

Industry Analysis and Forecast

  • Industry risk/reward: Index quantifying the country-specific risk/reward balance of investing in specific industries globally
  • Five-year and ten-year industry forecasts and analysis
  • Industry structure, size, value, landscape, key players, and SWOT analysis
  • Company briefs and profiles