Coalition of Black Excellence

Coalition of Black Excellence

San Mateo, CA
Round –
Fall-Winter 2020
Project Type –
Project Focus –
Business Plans, Organizational Development
Organization Type –
Community or Economic Development, Education

Founded in 2018, the Coalition of Black Excellence (CBE) is an all-volunteer run nonprofit organization whose mission is to unify and elevate the Black community. CBE activates its vision with multi-sector panel discussions each month culminating with CBE Week in February. The week focuses on bridging gaps in the Black community by bringing together Black business owners, Black professionals and nonprofits dedicated to the Black community. It provides hundreds of professionals with opportunities to speak to recruiters about career mobility and VCs about funding for startups. It also offers corporate supplier diversity leads to Black businesses, provides advice about how to win corporate supplier contracts, and grants funds to nonprofits that support the Black community. To date CBE has served over 4,000 participants and its marquee partnership events, CBE Summit and Code Black Gala, have drawn 1,200 attendees. In 2020 it has raised $450,000 from 20 sponsors.


How can CBE best transition to a sustainable long term organization?


Under the dedicated and strong leadership of several Bay Area professionals, and with the support of many other community leaders and volunteers, CBE has expanded its impact in three short years. It has raised over $1M in funding from 60+ corporate sponsors (including Uber, Google, Facebook, AppDynamics, PayPal, Amgen, HP).  Its mission resonates now more than ever with the corporate world which recognizes the imperative to improve racial justice. COVID-19 has caused CBE to pivot to virtual programming which in the long terms offers access to far more participants. CBE wants to move forward with developing year-round programming in the Bay Area and then expand nationally. In order to do so, CBE needs to improve its capacity building and transition from a volunteer, event focused nonprofit to one with a more strategic long term approach to fundraising and growth.

Project Objectives

CBE is requesting ACT’s help to:

-Facilitate strategic visioning sessions focused on growing CBE over the next 3 years. Questions to answer include:

  1. What does winning look like in the next three years? One likely goal is to become the “Black Taproot”.
  2. What can help accelerate these wins and lead to growth?
  3. What internal resources are needed/when?
  4. What does this mean for programs, staffing, marketing, funding?
  5. What are milestones/metrics?

-Build a framework for revenue model and strategy

-Outline a fundraising pitch deck for corporate/institutional donors and sponsors

The goal of this project is to provide the foundation for a future project to build a business plan to achieve long term impact and sustainability.

Useful Items

This is a Hybrid project:

  • Scope: Larger than a Fast Track, smaller than a Full Team
  • Team Size: 3-4 consultants
  • Project Duration: 3-4 months
  • Estimated Time Contribution: 35-40 hrs total (per consultant)

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