CROP Organization

Oakland, CA
Spring-Summer 2021
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Project Focus
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Human Services


Founded in 2008, CROP Organization’s mission is to restore the lives of the incarcerated, to heal communities, and to enhance public safety. While incarcerated, founder Ted Gray worked with prison administration to develop and fund a broad array of programs including drug and alcohol rehabilitation. Its Alcohol and Other Drug (AOD) Certification program successfully certified 33 people serving life terms as AOD Counselors. These men became the backbone for the creation of a multitude of rehabilitative programs sponsored by CROP. Most have been paroled and are serving as AOD Counselors in California communities. CROP has received national acclaim for funding a scholarship for at risk youth from the proceeds of a book, Men Build for Others: Life Lessons from Those Serving Life Sentences. As a result of these efforts, two of CROP’s five-member leadership team had their sentences commuted by Governor Gavin Newsom in March 2020. With CROP’s leadership team reintegrated back into the community their focus is to innovate and reimagine the reentry space. 


What are the priorities for CROP at this stage of its evolution? 


CROP has created Ready for Life, an immersive live-in program where selected participants will participate for 12 months in professional and personal leadership development, tech-centered reskilling, career placement, and transition to long-term housing. Employment and housing are critical to stopping the cycle of incarceration. CROP has met with California Governor Newsom who has tentatively agreed to partner with CROP in a 3-year pilot program focused on reentry housing and tech-centered workforce development. CROP hopes to purchase or lease a campus location and launch a 10-person pilot in 2021.

Project Objectives

CROP’s application for an ACT project listed several major areas where it could use help. Ultimately it wants to scale its Ready for Life residential program, yet it’s still trying to launch a small pilot. CROP’s leadership appears to be by committee, which may challenge alignment for an ACT project as well as hinder the group from an organizational perspective. One or two volunteers are needed to help CROP sort through its challenges and priorities and, ideally, prepare the organization for a focused ACT project.


This is a leadership/management mentoring/coaching project:

  • Team Size: 1-2 consultants
  • Project Duration: 3-4 months
  • Estimated Time Contribution: 35-40 hrs total (per consultant)

Read about the Fast Track Project Consultant role which is the closest role we have to the one needed for this project.