Spring-Summer 2022
Project Location
Oakland, CA
Project Type
Fast track
Project Focus
Marketing & Communications
Organization Type
Children, Youth & Families,
Community or Economic Development


Founded in 2009, SupplyBank.Org (SupplyBank)’s mission is to provide essential supplies to children and families through a delivery network of trusted local partnerships targeting the most vulnerable in California. SupplyBank buys items such as school supplies and diapers in bulk directly from manufacturers and distributes essential materials to schools, churches, family resource centers, social service agencies, and community groups. 

Since the onset of the pandemic, SupplyBank has worked with numerous state agencies, FEMA representatives, and local agencies to establish and administer 58 county-specific emergency supply programs totaling several million dollars each quarter. Thousands of organizations throughout the state have been beneficiaries, with several counties making supplemental appropriations to increase scope and impact. Through December 31, 2021, over 175 million products were supplied through this effort.


How can SupplyBank.Org increase its awareness to serve more people in need?


SupplyBank’s top priority is to further its impact by distributing more supplies to more people in need. This may be accomplished through both expansion of ongoing efforts as well as new opportunities to meet the needs of vulnerable populations. The organization is in the process of hiring a Development Director and will be applying for more grant funding. Its growth, however, is handicapped by a lack of awareness and the organization’s little experience in marketing its brand and programs.

Project Overview

SupplyBank.Org is currently drafting a marketing and communications plan and is asking for ACT’s help in evaluating and further developing it. Specific questions include:

  • Which audiences should be top priority?
  • What should the messaging highlight?
  • How and when should messages be deployed?
  • What changes need to be made on its website and in other marketing materials? (Note: the organization has a new website planned to launch soon).

The team will assess the organization’s current draft as well as its strategic expansion plan to assist in recommending key priorities for an integrated marketing plan. Specific evaluation and planning of communications channels such as digital marketing pathways may be the subject for a future ACT project.


This is a Fast Track project:

  • Scope: Focused, specific organizational issue
  • Team Size: 3 consultants
  • Project Duration: 3 months
  • Estimated Time Contribution: 25-30 hrs total (per consultant)

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