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Featuring People

You can create a list or grid of people using the People PA, or feature specific people using the Content Card PA or Featured Content PA.

The People PA is ideal for creating directories and is the only option designed for displaying contact information. The Content Card PA can reference any person who has an existing node on the site using one of our people content types, such as Faculty, Staff, MSx Fellows, PhD Students, Alumni, or Coaches. This feature will display default information and provide only a customizable badge that you can use to add page-specific context. The Featured Content PA can be used when you want to customize the information that displays for a GSB person, or to feature non-GSB people. Content cards and featured content can be added to content groups to display in grid or list format.

People PA — Grid with Photos, Titles, Phone & Email

Acting Co-Director, Alumni Relations
Editor and Program Manager Alumni News, Alumni Relations
Class Notes
Class Secretaries
Alumni Web Developer and Data Analyst
Alumni Groups and Discussion Boards
Senior Data Analyst/Alumni Communications Manager, Alumni Relations
Alumni Directory
Associate Director, Web Development and Operations, Alumni Relations
Alumni Website, Email Marketing