Adelaide Renee Coman

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Adelaide Renee Coman

Associate Director, Co-Curricular Ecopreneurship Programs
Center for Entrepreneurial Studies

Stanford Ecopreneurship Programs are a partnership of Stanford GSB and the Doerr School of Sustainability.

Adelaide is an accomplished entrepreneur, innovator, and community leader. She is currently the Associate Director of Co-curricular Ecopreneurship Programs at Stanford Graduate School of Business. With a diverse background encompassing higher education, start-up incubation, and community-building, Adelaide has consistently inspired and accelerated positive change within the entrepreneurial ecosystem. Her passion for nurturing sustainable start-ups is evident through her guidance of over 300 early-stage ventures and assistance to numerous innovative entrepreneurs in exploring, executing, and launching new business ideas.

Adelaide’s expertise also extends to her role as an Associate Lecturer in entrepreneurship at the University of the Sunshine Coast, Australia, where she taught classes on start-up management, venture growth, and innovation. Moreover, she co-founded an innovative health and well-being solution for remote workforces, enabling organizations to offer sustainable alternative work environments.

Throughout her career, Adelaide has exemplified an unwavering commitment to sustainability. Her early-career experiences as a Wildlife Warrior laid the foundation for her dedication to conservation and environmental initiatives. She has contributed extensively to educational programs, provided mentorship to aspiring entrepreneurs, and volunteered for various environmental initiatives within non-profit and corporate sectors in her home country of Australia. Adelaide’s unique ability to combine critical thinking, strategic agility, and a people-focused work ethic enables her to provide effective solutions. Her ultimate goal is to empower socially minded entrepreneurs to thrive and create meaningful impacts. As she often emphasizes, “leader” is a noun, but “leadership” is an action verb.