Iliana G. Perez

Iliana Perez
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Iliana G. Perez

Research Analyst
Stanford Latino Entrepreneurship Initiative

Iliana conducts research on Latino entrepreneurship in the U.S. with the Stanford Latino Entrepreneurship Initiative. She is involved in data collection efforts and analysis of the largest national survey of Latino entrepreneurs, and uses primary (surveys) and secondary data (ASE, SBO, and ACS) for write-ups of technical reports and academic papers. Prior to joining SLEI, Iliana launched and led Immigrants Rising’s entrepreneurship initiatives, which encourage all immigrants, regardless of legal status, to create their own opportunities, earn a living, and thrive through entrepreneurship.

She is a doctoral candidate in education, policy, evaluation and reform at Claremont Graduate University and is scheduled to defend her dissertation in September of 2019. Her dissertation, “Entrepreneurship In the Shadows: A Comparative View of Latino Millennial Entrepreneurship by Nativity,” compares the characteristics of Latino millennial entrepreneurs by immigration status and examines the attributes that contribute most to economic success for these populations.

Iliana holds a BA in mathematics from CSU, Fresno and an MA in economics from Claremont Graduate University.