Application Process for Stanford Go-to-Market – Mexico City

The application process for Stanford Go-to-Market requires you to complete four components: the online application, short essays, résumé, and a personal interview.

Required Materials

Online Application The online application requires you to provide basic personal contact and professional background information, as well as the following components: short essays, your resume, a professional recommendation, and an online video interview.
Short Essays You will complete statements that describe your background and experience level and explain how your personal and professional goals align with the program offering.
Résumé You will upload a copy of your most recent professional resume. A PDF file is recommended.
Venture Information You will provide information about the business venture you intend to work on during the program. You will provide details about the venture’s development stage and commercialization timeline, its unique competitive advantage, as well as your role within the venture (e.g., co-founder, founder).
Personal Interview After submission, the admissions committee will complete an initial review of your application. Those who pass the initial screening process will be invited to a phone interview with a member of the Go-to-Market admissions committee.