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Black Leaders Program is designed for individuals who want to reflect, share, and learn how to lead with authenticity as a Black professional.

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Patrick Hodgson
Sr., Principal IT Business Architect at PG&E

The black experience in corporate America is unique, our experience in this country is unique. Being able to go into an environment where you can connect, where you can learn, where you lean on people who are at various stages in their executive career is just priceless. The connections I have been able to establish are already paying dividends.

Tylitha Stewart
Global Head of Consumer Services at HP

The experience was a pleasant surprise and a delight. I came in with not many expectations, other than meeting new people, but I think it really solidified and helped to ground the validity of what I have felt as a black leader in corporate America. It helped to put data and statistics and stories to something that's, quite frankly, been a singular experience.

Brian L. Clark
Managing Member at Bison Rail Systems

We have common experiences as African Americans that make our leadership a little more challenging at times, and unique in many ways. So what the Black Leaders Program did was not only help us be better leaders, but it also helped address some of the very specific challenges we face.

Reginald Parker
Director, Program Governance - Health & Wellness Compliance at Walmart

Come to this program with an open mind and open heart and you will walk away amazed. It was so well planned and well executed. It will be a game changer for your career and your life.

Terrill Gosa
Senior Director, Engineering and Operations at Google

I would tell any black+ leader who is looking to improve their overall leadership toolkit, that this program will deliver. This program will help you learn valuable insights about yourself, real world cohort experiences that have or haven't worked, and knowledge from world class business leaders and faculty to round out your learning journey. You will be encouraged to stretch your preconceived notions of how power dynamics work in your organization, you will learn how to be an even more effective communicator, while still bringing your own personal black+ identity to the table. You will be surrounded by other black+ leaders who are also showing up to learn and grow in a safe and encouraging environment.

Lesley Brown
Chief Diversity Officer at HP

I would 100% recommend this program as an excellent opportunity for leadership development and growth. It elevates you to the next level, it elevates your mindset and your network to the next level.

Donna Rogers
VP, Client Services Senior Manager at Capital Group

Like a root cause analysis, the program and topics we faced helped uncover, frame, and label my experiences in the corporate environment. As a result, my voice is stronger in settings where previously my thoughts were louder. I’ve gained greater respect for my abilities and opportunities. I stand in my power more consistently and ruminate less.

Todd Singleton
Partner at Microsoft

This program was an investment not only for myself, but my company as well. I was able to come back to work with more energy and a fresh perspective on things that will provide value over the course of my career.

Lyn Muldrow

The most important takeaway that I've gained from the program is to embrace exactly who I am and what I bring to the table, and to step into that in a way that inspires others. It has helped me level up what it means to be a leader, not only in this space, but as a person, and I am deeply grateful for that learning.

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Participants in the Black Leaders Program come from a wide variety of industries. You’ll learn and network with senior leaders who share similar experiences and are motivated to transform their leadership and their careers.


James Perkins
Director, Programs Executive Education